Firefly 0.4.1

Turn Firefox into a file manager


  • A file explorer embedded right into the browser
  • Includes basic file management tools
  • Choose between several views and layouts


  • A bit glitchy


Firefox extensions add loads of different functionalities to the browser, and the latest one we've come to know is managing files with Firefly.

Firefly transforms Firefox into a full featured file manager with which to browse the contents of your hard drive. The extension adds a new toolbar to the browser's interface and works on the same tab-based scheme.

Firefly offers several viewing possibilities (from thumbnails to a detailed list, like in Windows Explorer) and features the most basic managing editing tools like copying, moving, pasting or renaming. It even displays an photo preview when you hover your mouse over image files.

What I specially liked about Firefly is the choice of layouts: you can have the classic one-window view, but can also choose to have a double-pane view that makes file management even easier. On the downside, despite Firefly works fine, I found it a bit glitchy.

Firefly adds a handy file management functionality to your favorite web browser, though I think it still needs a bit more development.



Firefly 0.4.1

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